Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Perfect to me.

I am back online, somewhat.
We are still suffering pretty serious disconnections which makes playing World of Warcraft or any game on Xbox live problematic. I knew a new modem wouldn't fix that as it only started after Century Link took over Qwest.
: /

Now to get a technician who understands that it isn't the modem.

So, I am not going to go back over everything I did in my journal while I didn't have an internet connection. I thought I might save it to show off if I ever do a journal flip video.

But the page below is the one exception. It is the page I was working on right before I got cut off and I wanted to show what came of it.

The challenge can be found here.

I would not say I am ecstatic about how the page came out, it really doesn't do what I had in my head justice. But this is what came out, and I just hadn't come up with anything to "fix" it.
Then I realized maybe it doesn't need to be "fixed". I will be doing a page similar to this page as the first pages in my kids art journal scrapbook thingy and I will just take the lessons learned here and apply them there. That way, I remember what I learned instead of covering it up.

Those are my kids (pictured), whom are always PERFECT to me and I always want them to remember that.
I LOVE this song by PINK and I adored this challenge.

There is also a picture on the lower right.
It is a recent clipping from the newspaper, a little over a year ago now, we lost a local teen to suicide. To mark the year anniversary of this loss her best friend asked friends to write "LOVE" on their arms to show remembrance.
Well, it spread across the whole school, almost everyone had written "Love" on their arms to show support, also to remind other people that no matter how low you feel someone, somewhere does love you and to remember that.
From this has come a Non-Profit Organization called She Wrote Love On Her Arms.
It's a really great story.
I used that story, torn up as the newspaper accents on the page, and then the picture but unfortunately I didn't water down the paint I washed it with enough and it covered the picture more than I had anticipated.

Well, even though there are issues with the page I like it and will always remember what it means to me.


  1. LOVE Michelle!! Got a little flack over that song choice, but I knew there would be some people that "got" it!!! :)

  2. Thanks Rachel! I LOVED the song choice! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! <3