Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Face 2 Face - more magazine sketching

I finished this picture late last night.
Now, let me be clear, the point isn't to add all the shading as it should be, really, it is to work on proportions, to practice, and for training.

I was drawn to this picture because of the mouth, I always do pictures with closed mouths.
So, last night when I was done with it I HATED this picture. Put it away a little bit frustrated, but this afternoon when I pulled it out to take pictures to send to Mika I thought it wasn't so bad after all.
It's an honest attempt and I can only get better.
At least it is closer to the photo than my last one was!

Hubby bought me a new journal so I think later tonight or tomorrow I will work on some backgrounds.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Face 2 Face - learning proportions and placement

Yesterday I started my Face 2 Face class on Motley Soul and WOW.
Within the first few minutes of having access I was so excited and completely enthralled.
The videos are great but Mika has provided sooooo much printed materials, it's crazy!
I feel like I am taking a real art class in college but without all the stress of a GPA, I am just left to learn and enjoy it!

Just with the first class I have learned proportions and placement, some of which I did already know but I have learned a couple of easy tricks that help me immensely!
I am just floored with how great this class is, and Mika, though she is busy is always willing to lend me her ear and give advise to a newb artist!

Learning proportions and placement, trying to get it straight in my head just where everything goes.

This was my first sketch done without the help of the provided grid paper.
For some reason my lips always come out HUGE! Working on that.

Attempting to sketch a picture. Yeah, it's way off, I have a ways to go but I wont give up!

So, I am pleased with my purchase of this class and I look forward to learning!
If you haven't joined the Motley Soul Mixed Media Art Community yet, you should!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Creative Motivation

Oh where, oh where has my creative motivation gone?

Got my new computer in, also got a new phone (hubs thoroughly spoiled me) but somewhere along the way I lost some creative motivation. Due to space issues I do not have a room of my own for a studio, due to space issues I had to move all my art supplies out of my room into the dining room where it sits all stacked up on the floor at one end of the dining room.
I stayed much more motivated with my supplies within reach in my bedroom.
I have to see if I can find a way to remedy this.

So, I am hoping that my motivation will return as I signed up for a class I have wanted to take since it was advertised the first time. I started drawing last year and I just adore it, I need a lot of practice, but I adore it! My friend, Mika, over at Motley Soul Mixed Media has a class called Face 2 Face where she teaches you to draw faces. I bought it last night, just got access and started with the first video and I think this is just what I need to regain some artistic motivation!

I also have my Life Book course to get back to, but I need motivation first.
I think I will start by moving some select supplies back to my bedroom again, and then I will complete Mika's drawing exercises, and then I will get back into Life Book.
That's the plan anyway!

Oh, and I just have to share my most beautiful journal! I won this journal from the Motley Soul Mixed Media site for being THE most active member in the month of December (I think)!
I LOVE this journal! I have been loving on it since it came in but I have yet to put anything IN it.
Well, now I do!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No computer blues...

So, you will all have noticed (or maybe not) that I went quiet.
Well, I am still here. I am waiting for my new computer to come in.
I had just gotten my desktop back from my son, who was using it for school.
He bought himself a shiny new one and gave me mine back. Unfortunately I didn't have it but for a little while, I hadn't even finished moving everything onto it thank goodness, and it died.
We tried to have it fixed, but it didn't work. I think we have to replace some vital parts, which may prove impossible with the type pf computer it is (thanks HP).
: /

So, hubby let me order my replacement yesterday! Yay tax refund!
It's a gaming computer because I am an avid gamer, so it has to be built specially.
I am expecting it to arrive sometime in the next two weeks!
I am sure you'll see me around much more after that!

I also have been having bouts of this... thing.
Drs say it may or may not be Multiple Sclerosis. The Dr who read my MRI said there was a likelyhood but my Dr says they can't be sure until I have a lumbar puncture done and I wont get a lumbar puncture until I can see a neurologist, and I can't see a neurologist until June.
Some days are much, much, MUCH worse than others.

Anyhow, be back with you as soon as I get my computer!