Sunday, February 5, 2012

No computer blues...

So, you will all have noticed (or maybe not) that I went quiet.
Well, I am still here. I am waiting for my new computer to come in.
I had just gotten my desktop back from my son, who was using it for school.
He bought himself a shiny new one and gave me mine back. Unfortunately I didn't have it but for a little while, I hadn't even finished moving everything onto it thank goodness, and it died.
We tried to have it fixed, but it didn't work. I think we have to replace some vital parts, which may prove impossible with the type pf computer it is (thanks HP).
: /

So, hubby let me order my replacement yesterday! Yay tax refund!
It's a gaming computer because I am an avid gamer, so it has to be built specially.
I am expecting it to arrive sometime in the next two weeks!
I am sure you'll see me around much more after that!

I also have been having bouts of this... thing.
Drs say it may or may not be Multiple Sclerosis. The Dr who read my MRI said there was a likelyhood but my Dr says they can't be sure until I have a lumbar puncture done and I wont get a lumbar puncture until I can see a neurologist, and I can't see a neurologist until June.
Some days are much, much, MUCH worse than others.

Anyhow, be back with you as soon as I get my computer!

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