Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Face 2 Face - learning proportions and placement

Yesterday I started my Face 2 Face class on Motley Soul and WOW.
Within the first few minutes of having access I was so excited and completely enthralled.
The videos are great but Mika has provided sooooo much printed materials, it's crazy!
I feel like I am taking a real art class in college but without all the stress of a GPA, I am just left to learn and enjoy it!

Just with the first class I have learned proportions and placement, some of which I did already know but I have learned a couple of easy tricks that help me immensely!
I am just floored with how great this class is, and Mika, though she is busy is always willing to lend me her ear and give advise to a newb artist!

Learning proportions and placement, trying to get it straight in my head just where everything goes.

This was my first sketch done without the help of the provided grid paper.
For some reason my lips always come out HUGE! Working on that.

Attempting to sketch a picture. Yeah, it's way off, I have a ways to go but I wont give up!

So, I am pleased with my purchase of this class and I look forward to learning!
If you haven't joined the Motley Soul Mixed Media Art Community yet, you should!

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