Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The girl with the tangled hair...

It's finished!

As I posted earlier, I started on the left and meant to draw the girl with fire for hair, it didn't turn out so well so I covered it and I am pretty pleased with the results.
We will save miss fire head for another day.

My two other Zentangles are in the works, as are my two other backgrounds, and to that I have added two more pages that I am currently working on.
It's alot of bouncing around, really.

Today is not such a great day for me.
Getting what I can do done when I can do it and letting the rest slide.

On a super positive note!!
My lil Ari took to standing in her play pen today!
Just had to share my little ray of sunshine.


  1. Hi Michele,
    Sometimes I do my journal and it's a great idea for a bigger art piece as your lady with the zentangle hair! This would be great on canvas i think! Ari is real cute! Have a great day! Patsy from

  2. Cool that you are from Grants!!! We New Mexicans have to stick together!!

  3. Patsy, Thanks! I was thinking the same thing, on a canvas but I don't know if I have patience for a canvas yet. I think I need to work up to that but thanks for the idea! Maybe when I get a little better at faces!

    And Whimsy, yes we do have to stick together! lol!