Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raise Your Glass and the process

Today's A Year in the Life of an Art Journal prompt was Pink's "Raise Your Glass" which is hilarious to me because I had just been sitting here listening to music on Pandora this morning before I looked to see what the prompt was that was posted and this song came on. It's always been one of my favorites, I identify a lot with some of Pink's best music.
So, I was moved to go find the video on YouTube.
I decided then I would make a journal page to go with it!

THE PROMPT: Lighten Up
THE SONG: Raise Your Glass by Pink
Written Lyrics HERE

Step one, pick the song. MOST of the songs I pick have some meaning to me. Though I have been known to use a song just because I like the beat, lyrics, group(singer), or video.
Step two, of pretty much any one of my lyric pages is writing the lyrics on notebook paper and picking out what is important/useable/needed.

Next I figured out where I was going to put the lyrics on the page. Usually I use a lot less of the song than this one. I used the whole song, almost.

Then I painted! I knew I wanted bright colors for fun and I even used some of my shimmer acrylics.

Then I wrote all the lyrics on the page again in Sharpies.
And lastly I covered the page in a layer of silver glitter acrylic paint because I don't have confetti and my hole puncher died when I tried to punch a bunch of confetti for this page.

And there you have it!
I had a TON of fun with this page!

Raise your glass with me!


  1. LOVE that you shared your process!! Very similar to mine... and love the techniques you used on this one!

  2. How truly wonderful!! I jumped over here from your comment on the prompt!

  3. What a fun page! I'm a 'word picker' too... your lyric-page looks like the pages I have on my desk - printed lyrics with all kinds of notes and stripes on *teehee* I love that you used so much of the lyrics - makes me think I should do that too one time