Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's on your workdesk Wednesday? 131

I know, not even remotely interesting, or busy.
Today was wiped clean for Christmas cards, however, Walmart misprinted them and I find myself waiting, waiting, waiting.

So, this morning I blacked out several pages in my journal and I am going to work up some backgrounds when I get time (should be doing that instead of this but meh).
This particular page is going to have all my saved fortunes from fortune cookies on it.
Yes, I have more than 2. Those are just the two I got yesterday and they read...

Even the greatest of whales is helpless in the middle of a desert.
(How awesome is it that I get that one? I was thoroughly entertained!)

Because of your melodic nature, the moonlight never misses an appointment.

I LOVE fortunes.

And so, because I was bored, procrastinating, and inspired by pictures of workdesks...
I decided to toss mine up there to.
Hope it doesn't un-inspire anyone!



  1. I recently went to a vintage slot machine museum and put a penny in the fortune teller .... my card read... beware of bearded men! You guessed it my DH of 45 years has one!!!
    Great idea to save them for journalling.
    JoZarty x

  2. It's not boring - on the contrary, ANYTHING could happen there and that's inspiring!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx
    PS I LOVE the gorgeous background to your blog - dark and dramatic :)

  3. hi! So glad you like my mad card! It can be hard when you're on a Design Team and you're given a mad axe woman to use in a challenge where you also have to use pretty flowers or in this case, snow! I've made a couple of cards using her so she's grown on me now!
    Love your idea of the cookie journal, I'm now following you too, so hope to see how that gets on! Welcome to WOYWW, it's a great way to find all sorts of crafty people, even if some of them are a little ...strange!! (in a nice way!!) have a great crafty week,

  4. Interesting is in the eye of the beholder....for example, what are/were you doing with the wax paper? Your journal will be a great place to show your fortunes, how fun. I collect what my DH calls ditsy pretty sure it would include fortunes if they were more available here!

  5. Jo - That's hilarious, but so awesome!

    Jan - What a great way to look at it! Thanks! <3

    Spyder - I still can't get over that card! It gave me such a giggle. I may have to pick that digi set (was it?) up. Just for shiggles. And, yes, so far I love surfing WOYWW, even the pages of people who do things that I am not interested in, but I'm a blogaholic.

    Julia - Wow, thanks! Interesting IS in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? The wax paper is to stick in between gesso'd or painted pages until they dry so I can move on but interestingly enough I have found that often when I have used them to the point of no longer being sticky, that they have build up interesting designs of paint and marker! So I am saving and plan on using on a page in the future.

    I have turned into such a pack rat!