Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

Man, with Christmas and New Years, family, and health, I haven't been artfully motivated at all!
I got some awesome Zentangle stuff for Christmas, a couple books and Micron pens!
But, I haven't used them yet. :(

I am SO excited about 2012! It's going to be a good year filled with learning about art!
So far I am signed up for Life Book with Tamara Laporte which starts tomorrow!
And with that I got Fabulous Faces which I am starting today!
I am also getting Mika's Expressive Soul Painting, and that starts on the 15th of January!

For my birthday I have decided I want Jane Davenport's Draw Happy and if that goes well I want to take her I HEART Drawing as well!

There is about a hundred (no lie) other classes I want to take, but those are for starters.
I am also considering becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher! I think it would be AWESOME! But I don't want to go to Rhode Island in February, the cold and the weather keep me at bay.
I am shooting for something in the summer and make a family vacay out of it!

And then there are my resolutions for 2012. Usually I don't have resolutions because I don't keep them long after January, but this is a New Year with NEW GOALS!

One resolution (in no specific order really, all are equally important) is to keep my resolutions! LOL!

Another, to lose weight and become more healthy. I know, so cliché, right?
But really, I NEED to get healthier. The Dr didn't give me good news about my cholesterol and I have other looming medical problems, so, getting healthy may be one of the largest challenges of the year. And losing weight, well, I don't have to be 110 pounds or anything, I'm not really looking to be. But a good healthy and active weight would be awesome!

Of course there is the resolution to spend 2012 learning art!
I have NEVER considered myself an artist or even really able to create art, but I now know there IS an artist inside me. I just have to lock away that pesky inner critic because it is the reason I don't finish many things.

And lastly, the resolution to not forget people's birthdays!
I have been a Stampin' Up Demonstrator in the past and even then when I MADE cards, I would rarely get them made for people's birthdays. What a failure. And I doubt seriously I will make cards this year as I have really lost interest. But I resolve to not forget anymore birthdays, everyone in my family gets cards in the least. Maybe I will make some, maybe I will Zentangle some!

Anyway, off to start my Fabulous Faces work!
Enjoy your New Years Eve, stay safe, warm, and happy!
See you in 2012!!!

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