Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zendala and junk...

The latest entries in my journal are Zentangles.
I tried my hand at a Zendala (Zentangled Mandala)
And then I tried Zentangling my hand!

The mandala side features a watercolored background.
However, I figured out the pens I had picked up to use were NOT waterproof.
It's a shame, but it could have been worse by far.

Then I found this video on You Tube through Motley Soul and decided to give the hand tracing a try. It was awesome. I think I need a little more work to steady my hand, but it really was just to have something to do to get me through the headaches.
It really does help with the headaches, and the focus.
It also didn't help that in the middle of the page I ran out of ink in my pens and had to go back to the ultra fine tip sharpies, which are waterproof, but are nowhere near as smooth as a pen.
: /

I have actual Sakura Micron pens on the way to me as we speak.
Does anyone know if they are waterproof?
I have heard they are, but I have yet to find anything in print regarding the fact that they are or aren't.