Friday, December 9, 2011

New Journal, Sharpie Ghosting, and Stricles!!!

I got a new art journal!

I still have my big one, my first one, of course. It is a large 8.5"X11" sketchbook and I do love it but as a new art journaler I find it difficult to always fill the pages. I am often left with a lot of "empty" space. So, amidst short exchanges of comments on YouTube with Less Herger from Comfortable Shoes Studio she made a comment pertaining to smaller journals being a puddle as compared to an ocean to fill. Well, now I have a lake. :)

A midsized hardbound sketchbook. I would have gotten a moleskine but I take what I can get locally for the time being, plus there will be more. And, I will still use my large journal, mainly for playing around and seeing how things react and for my attempts at drawings.
The new one will be more of my day to day art journaling.
I love it to pieces already.

And so, for the first project in it, I re-did a page I have done before.
But, I attempted some sharpie ghosting!
You can find Less' How-To video on this technique HERE.

It's the lyrics to Pink's "F****ing Perfect" written in four different colors in four different directions. This was the most fun! I love writing song lyrics on paper. And honestly I think I might have liked to leave them this way, but I didn't.
Next, a layer of gesso.

You can see some of the marker color coming through, I wasn't super happy with the turn out on this but I think it comes down to sharpie colors. I want some more vibrant colors. I used red, orange, blue, and green. And after a watercolor wash of blue the blue started lifting up more.
But yes, more vibrant colors to test...

And finally, the eh pretty much, finished page.
I may doodle on it more, I don't know. I am not liking blank spaces... much.
I had hoped the sharpies would have lifted through the gesso more.

I had drawn in my larger journal with the blue sharpie once and failed so I covered it with gesso and made a page on top of it and for my life I couldn't cover it.
I don't know what happened here, exactly. But will try it again soon.

Then I started a page of Stricles last night and finished it this morning.
I <3 Stricles.

And lastly, when my little guy sees me working in my art journal he wants to paint too.
This is his work of art. I think I will keep it and put it in his art journal, it makes a nice background.


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