Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I acquired my most prized possessions thus far in my art making journey, Watercolor Crayons and Watercolor Pencils!
I know I didn't need both, but I got both and I am sooo happy I did.
The pencils were very inexpensive but came in a larger color choice than my crayons and both are just so fun to play with!
And this is what happens when I played on a previously Zentangled page with crayons...

This piece is not finished, I am going to do another Zentangle on the left in the shape of an A and an M, you can see them if you look close! But, before Christmas I was waiting for my new pens and my book to help me finish this. Now, I am waiting for the mood to take me.

And then, I just HAD to share a lil bit!
I joined Tamara Laporte's Life Book for 2012 and today it opened up!
We are working on our first project and since my hubby just signed me up the day before yesterday and I didn't realize I was going to need watercolor paper. I have been watercoloring with my watercolor paints in my journal and thought I would just put our projects in my journal... nope!
Gonna make my own book!
So I have to go get watercolor paper tomorrow or the next day.
Anyhow, so I was practicing the 3/4 face in my journal and this was my first attempt at drawing a face!

Yeah, she isn't perfect, far from, in fact.
But, I am pretty happy with my very first attempt, I didn't think I could do it!
And I can't wait to give the project a go tomorrow after I hunt down watercolor paper because watercoloring in a sketch journal is a baaaaaad idea!!

I also have the class Fabulous Faces to work on still, I spent very litter time on it yesterday and will probably not spend much time on it today either, but I will get to it I'm sure!

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