Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Book Week 1 - Intimidation and Battling the Inner Critic, and yet...

I am almost finished with my page for week 1 of Life Book!
All that is left is to finish the outside flap with a picture of myself and some doodling. And I have to wait to print the picture because I am out of ink in my printer and I am dreading venturing out to Walmart to get more because I hate Walmart.
: /

Really, I am pleased with my progress, and yet I still feel like it is far from good.

So, from start to finish, here is my process...

This is my list of my happy-making-positive-qualities-that-make-me-me.
Doodled in my art journal opposite my first graphite portrait
(yeah, that's not need to know information but I am in a rambly mood)
I wrote the list and then re-worked it several times over the course of a day.

This is the beginning of my girl.

Here it is almost finished but I forgot a couple small things.

This side is complete now, I think.
Like I said, I still have the flap to do but that waits for a picture.

Posting my work on the Life Book forums is really daunting, everyone's work is so awesome, and my mistakes SCREAM at me. I considered starting over and tossing this one, but I came to my senses and decided that this page and all others will be fun to look back on in a year when I have hopefully improved.

I, for one, can NOT wait for the week where we work on our inner critic. Mine is schizophrenic, it bounces between "Heyyyyy, you can draw!" to "But that's far from good enough to share with anyone!"

Today is turning out to be not such a great day for me, but I suspected that it wouldn't be this morning when I was still awake at 4am due to leg pain. I will just work through it, maybe draw a new girl or two for practice and wait for miss Jane Davenport to contact me regarding my Draw Happy class that my mom got for me for my birthday. Yes, I get to play with it now! :PLink

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  1. I think it turned out beautiful! You should be proud.