Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's not all about the pretty and likable...

I have been working for two days on my week 3 project for Tam's Fabulous Faces class and I can honestly say that I am less than pleased with the results, yet they deserve to be posted because it is not all about what my inner critic thinks is pretty and likeable.

The first picture is stylized more or less after Tam's lesson, except, I couldn't get the ears right so I turned them into pointy elf ears.

Her skin was also supposed to have a blue tint to it but I had some serious issues with painting and shading this picture.
My portraits never come out smooth, polished, and pretty like some of those that I see on the forums. So, obviously I haven't mastered the art of coloring with what ever media I am attempting with.
I tried acrylics, and watercolor crayons & pencils. This mish-mash of media really took a toll on the picture itself and left me burnt out and tired. I went to bed really unhappy with the project but knowing that I could start over today!

And so, I started over today. I wouldn't say that I love this finish picture either.
But I will say that I think watercolor pencils might be the media for me, at least right now.
I had a much easier time with them, I enjoyed the coloring and diluting process much more with less give of myself and painting takes, takes, takes.
I am really only unhappy with some of the dimensions and that it does not meet my expectations. Little bubble head here doesn't match what was in my head when I started drawing this picture.
But, it is close! For that I am thankful because I am still yet a beginner.
So I will take what I can get and move on to finishing this as a journal spread tomorrow maybe.

I am seriously considering copics at this point. Or looking into some watercolor marker of some sort...

Oh! And I am joining in on Effy Wild's Book of Days project and I can't wait to do a spread for last week. I have already been working on recording something in my day planner everyday, would be a great chance to incorporate this into a journal spread!
Updated: 1/11/12 9:28pm
Ah I realized tonight where I had seen a bubble head picture before, I was pretty sure it was one of Tam's pictures I had seen somewhere along the way, and it very well may be that she has bubble headed girls as well but I couldn't find them when I started looking again.
However, tonight it dawned on me!
My good friend Mika over at Motley Soul has done something very similar but by far much more beautiful! I remember seeing it as one of the very first things I found when i started searching for information on art journaling. I would like the exact picture but I think she may be attaching it to one of her future classes, so I will refrain but you can find it on Motley Soul!
Just wanna give credit where credit is due!

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