Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well, my 30 day self challenge has been challenged!
My modem decided to start having issues and at the same time my cell phones external buttons and touch screen stopped working. So, I've been without a reliable internet connection of any sort of days! I have been working on my art journal almost everyday and keeping the faith of Art Everyday Month, with the exception of a day or so over the weekend where I had family visit. I have been unable to take pictures of my works in progress without a working phone so I will just have to start catching up on Friday. For my sanity's sake I am not going to start trying to back date posts and try to remember what I did when. I will just start day 8 on Friday and go on from there because it is my challenge and my rules. :P
Plus, it will make for some fun surprises when I do a journal flip in the future if friends haven't seen all the pages already!

I sure hope all you out there have a wonderful, safe, and warm day with your loved ones!


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