Sunday, November 13, 2011

What are your thoughts?

I spent some time today watching videos on watercolor how-to and I experimented and gave it a try on my own.
No, you don't get to see the results.
They look like a 5 year old painted them.

So, my question is...
Can a person who doesn't have the natural ability to draw be taught to draw? To paint?

I know, seems like a silly question.
But, I am curious!
I have grown up thinking, not really as a result of anything I was taught, just a self formed opinion, I guess.
That if you don't have the natural ability to draw and paint then maybe it's just not for you.
So, I have never invested much of myself in anything other than stamping and always joked that I can't even draw stick figures.
When I was a little girl, my daddy bought me a set of pastels. I can remember using them clearly, but I cannot remember if I ever drew anything good with them, or whatever became of them.

And so I looked up classes in art at the local college and it would cost me over $200.00 to enroll in one class just for tuition. I may be interested if it's something I can learn, and I feel like I could... maybe.
I know I don't NEED to draw for art journaling, but I sure would like to be able to!

However, I am also supposed to be starting the last of my nursing pre-requisites next semester.
Decisions, decisions...

So, yeah... post comments, please.
Can a person who doesn't have the natural ability to draw be taught to draw? To paint?

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  1. Good morning Michelle; I cannot paint or draw. I took a class at my local continuing education called "experimental drawing with mixed media". The first day the instructor said this was a class for people who don't draw or paint. When we introduced ourselves, I told her I was in the right class because I don't draw or paint! I really loved the class as it taught me how to use different art materials and my classmates all inspired each other. Is there a continuting ed facility near you. I paid $150 for the class but some materials were involved. I wouldn't recommend taking an art class at university because you might be forced to complete certain projects for a grade instead of just playing for fun and learning what YOU want to learn. I'm going to take a class in January called "drawing on the right side of the brain" that follows the book by the same title. I've been reading the book and I think I'm going to enjoy this class.