Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Day Art Journal/Blog Challenge - Day 6 - Zentangle Challenge

Today's Challenge...
I am the diva's Zentangle Challenge #48

This is, like, my fifth Zentangle!
I tried some new ones that I saw in a video on YouTube and I enjoyed it but it took me almost all day because I kept getting interupted. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Later this evening I am going to try and get a notebook going with Zentangles in it so I don't have to keep referring to blogs near and far and, which is a WONDERFUL resource, I just hate having to be attached to my laptop to complete a Zentangle. I am also considering putting the pictures of the samples on my phone as I always have it with me.

Anyway, time to run errands!
Catch you all tomorrow!


  1. I like the little palm tree type tangles at the bottom... and you have my sympathises regarding the constant interruptions... it can drive you quite mad at times.... not that it is effecting your work though xx

  2. Although you were interrupted during the day, isn't this just the perfect kind of art to fit in and around a busy day? You can pick it up and work on it a few minutes here or there and don't need to get out a big mess. I have a notebook where I collect all my tangles and ideas and practices - it's a great reference and is great for keeping all patterns in one place.