Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Day Art Journal/Blog Challenge - Day 2

Today's Challenge...

I present to you, my very first attempt at the Zentangle!

So, last night I went to and looked over EVERYTHING there including the past newsletters. I just ate it all up!
Then I ended up on where I found instruction on many tangles and had to try a bunch, so I made a page with 2" X 2" grids and tangled my heart out!

I had so much fun with this that I asked my husband for the kit for Christmas!
And BOOKS! I must have books!

I fully expect to Zentangle everyday.
So... relaxing and calming.
It kept my mind occupied.

Now, off to work on the I am the diva challenge and my Motley Soul journal group project, which I may have to sleep on another day to really think about which word I want to use since this prompt is One Word, One Thought.

A secret about me...
I usually wake up with a head full of ideas.
In fact, often, since I have started art journaling, I wake up before the alarm and either lay in bed like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for the proper time to run to the tree!
Or I just give in and hop out of bed and start working!
I actually had to move some of my supplies to my bedroom (especially while being sick, trying to seclude myself and the also sick baby to the back of the house) so that I could hop out of bed and work on something without going to far from the baby, and I had to get an idea book to keep on hand for those late night thoughts that I don't want to lose.

Who else has done that?


  1. Your Zentangle grid is fabulous! Zentangles are so much fun to do and quite meditative.

    I hope you and baby are all better now ~

    Happy AEDM,

  2. Wonderful!!!!!! What a great page. I love zentagles, too, I'm doing them all over my pages here and there and I'm teaching them to my 'students'.

  3. Wow! This is your first try? Amazing!

  4. I've been wanting to try this, but haven't braved it yet. Yours look great--can't believe it's your first try!