Thursday, July 5, 2012


I started my ICAD (index card a day) Challenge today and had a ton of fun with it. I combined my ICAD with 31 Hearts, and tossed in some Zentangle and this was the result:

The Zentangles used here are Cockles -N- Mussels, Cracked, Jax, Munchin, Sanibelle, and Ving. I had room for more, but I really felt it was done and looked nice once I had gotten this far. Cracked is one of my all time favorites, so is Jax. This was my first ever attempt at Cockles -N- Mussels, Sanibelle, and Ving.

You can find a whole database of Zentangles at, if you're interested in learning how to Zentangle on your own, or you can look up a Certified Zentangle Teacher in your area at!

Unfortunately this ICAD, a couple backgrounds in my Gratitude Journal, a Tea with the Muse entry, and an entry into my BoD was all I got done today.

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