Thursday, July 5, 2012

31 Hearts Challenge

Ok, let's try this again...

In May I attempted the 29 Faces in May Challenge put up by Ayala Art. The challenge came at a bad time, I had some bad comments come at me regarding my art and it really unlocked the inner critic and let her run rampant through my head for weeks, throwing up blocks here and there, willy nilly. It also brought out some of my most despised flaws about myself and I let myself fail at it. I thought I was prepared for it, I wasn't. But hearts, I can handle hearts. THIS, I can do!

So, with that I am joining the Ayala Art 31 Hearts Challenge! I would take it a step further and say that I would film my daily heart making, but I have yet to get a good tripod for my phone.
: /


I am also challenging myself to an Index Card A Day (ICAD)! I don't know for how long. Maybe 1, perhaps 10, or possibly 30! I know in the Art Geeks FB group they started it a while ago, many ladies are already on 35ish. I didn't start with them, but I have been contemplating ICADs for a while! And with the hubby back at work I have a little more art time to myself, I am definitely going to use that time to my advantage!

Man, I sure wished I had that tripod...
It is on my list of first things to buy once my art budget returns!

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