Saturday, July 7, 2012

Arting My Heart Out!

I have been keeping myself busy trying to catch up on a couple projects I have taken on. Yesterday was a particularly bad day that put me in a real low place, since I have been trying to stay away from drama of any and all sorts. I have taken my muses advice and spent more time disconnected from the awesomeness of the interwebz and cell phones.

What have I done with my time you ask? Well lemme tell you!

I took on the ICAD (index card a day) challenge for myself and I decided that I would make my official start date the 1st of July. That means I need 8 cards as of tomorrow! From there I will do one a day, unless I fall behind or something, which would never happen. Riiight.

These are what I have so far...

Tangles used in the double Zendala on ICAD #2 are Echoism, Cracked, Trentwith, Bales, Nipa, Strircles, and Eke.
Cracked & Strircles being some of my very favorites. First attempts at Trentwith & Nipa.
This is not my first try at Eke, but it isn't one of my favorites, it never looks right to me.

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