Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My mind and its magnificent walls

I have been around but I haven't been very active with art of any kind and it makes me a sad person, I think, to not work on art.

Though, I discovered just how clever my mind has been lately at keeping me from starting/completing projects or working in my journal. My craft area has been a wreck for over a month now and I usually just look at the mess and sigh, perhaps I wish I had a maid or could blink and make everything clean again, at the very least I just wish for the energy to get something done. I haven't had a lot of energy lately. But on Monday I woke up with an immense amount of drive to get some things done around the house and that helped, A LOT! I got the kitchen clean with the exception of the pantry and fridge. I also got the dining room sorted out and my craft supplies re-organized in there! Now I have a place to art and can find my things when I need to!

So after all that was done, I was wiped out! So I took my sketch book to bed with me and I intended to play with drawing eyes. Lesson 2 of my Face to Face class, yes, I am still only on lesson 2! But my sketch book sat there for the entirety of the night, every time I saw it my mind came up with SOMETHING new.
These are thoughts that have occupied my brain when thinking about working on eyes...
-You've worked too hard today and you're shaky, why don't you give it a day or two?
-You're OK at eyes, you know how to draw the basics, what do you need to finish that lesson for?
-Eyes are NO FUN to draw, plus you aren't any good at them, just move on. (Notice the conflicting thoughts there?)
-You should print out the pictures of faces but you're almost out of ink, oh well, guess we'll do it another day.

So, somewhere along the way I decided to bite the bullet and work on some eyes. I snapped some pictures with my phone camera of the faces (eyes) I had looked up on the computer so that I could draw while Anthony played his game and off to drawing I went.

First was a worksheet on which I was supposed to draw three sets of eyes in boxes, I started on the first set reluctantly but by the time I finished them I was having fun! Imagine that, FUN! I easily finished the last two sets and I realized they weren't perfect, far from, but I was OK with that, I just wanted to draw more eyes!

Here's my worksheet.

So, then, I got out my phone and worked on drawing a pretty set of Asian eyes. Unfortunately this was the only set I finished before bed, but I was looking forward to drawing more, and I did, I finished off the exercise yesterday and am looking forward to moving into Lesson 3!

Working on getting comfortable drawing from pictures.

Sans eyelashes, eyebrows and most shading,
just trying to get to where I shut my mind down and draw what I see.

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