Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book of Days

This is the last page that I completed in my Book of Days for the week of March 3rd!
I am such a bad bad girl!

And again, instead of trying to make up a month and make myself totally miserable (though I do have the daily journaling done in my day planner), I am just gonna let it go and start anew right now! No sense dwelling in the past and being hard on myself for procrastinating, it will only feed procrastination, laziness, and depression.

You might sort of recognize the layout, it's my interpretation of a lesson in a class I had started.
I had started Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's 30 Days in your Art Journal and I had completed the first spread and totally was loving on the class when life took a bit of a detour and my Book of Days was interrupted, again!
But now, I am really going to make an honest attempt at forming a daily arting/journaling habit.

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