Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life Book Week 5 - Kylie's Lesson

Kylie's lesson in week 5 of Life Book was both inspirational and so much fun!
It took me 6 days to complete it and I definitely had some moments in which I wanted to rip it apart and throw it away, but I just put it away for the day and picked it up the next.
I tried to make sure that I did something on it everyday.

It started with a tissue paper and scrapbook paper collage, a layer of gesso and a layer of watered down pink acrylic paint, then a watered down layer of brown acrylic paint.

Next, I started working on the background.
These are a selection of words that I feel describe me.

I worked on clothing and color a wee bit and totally messed up my own teeth!

And finally I reached a point where I was pretty happy with my project!

I was not super happy with the paper I used underneath the face, it ended up being a lined scrapbook paper and I hadn't realized that until after I got the photo transfer of the face down, but oh well.
And, while I was burnishing the photo transfer it started to peel! Oh no!
I just went with it though.

After I finished burnishing the transfer I still had to shade it in and add some color and while it is not perfect, I really ended up liking this project! It was a really great learning experience, it inspired me, gave me a hundred more ideas, and I think that photo transfers are going to become one of my most favorite new techniques!

Yes indeedy!


  1. I love all the layering! I recently started art journaling but haven't felt like sharing my pages online {yet} so it's inspiring to see what other people are making.

  2. Share them when it feels right to you! Though, I do encourage sharing because, in my case, it helps me to stop from destroying everything I hate. I try to share everything unless it is just too personal. I belong to a very supportive community who may constructively criticize but are ALWAYS supportive!

    Isn't art journaling just the most fun!?

  3. Michelle, its great to see how the image develops and it was well worth seeing it through to the end. Blessings, Amanda