Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doodling doodles for fun

Yesterday was doodle day, apparently!

It was Day 6 of Shiloh Sophia McCloud's Tea with the Muse, in which I let my Muse choose a music station on Pandora, then I just listen and doodle, filling a whole page. Afterwards I am to try and decipher what it is that she is trying to tell me. (P.S. Tea with the Muse, or the Divine Spark 90 Day Practice is another free program and TOTALLY awesome!)

I coupled this challenge with one from Motley Soul. Mika's been posting weekly mixed media challenges in her free challenge group. I haven't had time to participate since it started, about three - four weeks ago. So, yesterday I started with number one! To find your doodle! Mika advises that the white page is the ENEMY of creativity! I agree, so I mixed some acrylics with water and went to work in my Muse Book. Once it had dried out, my muse chose a New Age station that had some AWESOME new age/oriental style music (it was TOTALLY relaxing) and I grabbed my trusty Micron 08 to commence the doodling!

And this was the result:

Upon looking back over my page and thinking about what my Muse said to me these were my revelations regarding my Muse:

  • My Muse said the squiggly line is my doodle and I should use it and turn it into other things, like the flower, and the butterfly. She says it has SO many uses.
  • My Muse is happy! Happy with the page, happy with being used (for lack of a better term).
  • She says I need to disconnect from media and look inside for inspiration more often during this time of growth and learning. And you know what?! It works! It's really there!
  • My Muse has made it clear that she is happy with my new Book of Days idea, for now and says we have to see how the book stands up to what we are going to do to it since it is simply a daily planner.

And I come away from yesterday's challenge feeling full of creativity but not like I have to use it OR lose it. It's a content fullness, it says it isn't going anywhere. IT? Is there another muse in there?
Please tell me your name(s)?

And to close, here is a photo of my current art journals. I call them the Fabulous Five!

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