Monday, October 31, 2011

Make life more colorful! -Or- I am knee deep in Craft Acrylics...

I finished my first real set of pages yesterday.
The inner critic complains but honestly, I am pleased.
I drew the eye myself.
Drawing does not come naturally or easily to me, so I was happy my eye even resembled an... eye.
I do feel like the page needs something more, but I also feel like I will know whatever it is when I see it.

And today I woke up with the page below in my head, and I was just lucky enough to get it out.
I swear I should have called myself the single handed journaler or something.
Babylove was her usual demanding self.
Mondays are bad because daddy is home on the weekends and holds her ALL weekend! Which is fabulous for me during the weekend, I can get stuff done!
Not so much come Monday when all she wants is to be held and loved on.
It's ok though, I would really rather hold her than do ANY of the chores around my house.

So, during an absurdly short nap (mostly), I was able to pull this together and I am really happy with it!

I did give doing the lettering by hand a good, honest try. But I just wasn't happy AT ALL, so I printed these up on my computer with a really fun font and colored them with sharpies, one handed, that has to count for SOMETHING... right?

Also, I have been watching a bunch of videos in the last week, a few of my favorites are:
JournalArtista, MotleyMonkeyArt, SamaraGugler, DianaTro, willowing, and lastly comfortableshoesstud, who has inspired me to do a "cult of stuff" junk journal.

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  1. Hi Michelle
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Art Journaling. You will always be your own worst critic, but persevere. As to a finished page, if it needs more it will speak to you one day when you are idly flipping through not concentrating quite so hard. I like it as it is though. Janet (from over at ArtJournaling on Ning)